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Shore FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Entry Visa to Egypt
Many people mistakenly believe that if they are not taking their tour with the cruise line, they will have to get the entry visa to Egypt on their own. which IS NOT true. Before entering the port, an Egyptian Immigeration Officer will board the cruise, provide ALL Passengers with the stamp to enter Egypt, whether they are doing their tour with the cruise line, a private company, or even on their own! Visa is guranteed to everyone.

Does Ramses Provide guards / protection as the cruise tour?
This is going to be another shocking fact. Security Guards / convoys ARE NOT provided by neither Cruise Line nor any other travel agency including Ramses tours. Security is provided by the Egyptian Government to ALL tours. This can be in the form of a security officer accompanying the group, or a police car preceeding the van. It depends on the Egyptian Police arrangment. Tourism is one of the major incomes to Egypt. So, the government always makes sure that passengers feel safe and are well protected whether with the cruise line tours or any other agency.

Will we miss our cruise?
Nope. We would like to assure you that we are always aware of the departure time of the cruise, and make sure that you return to the port at least 2 hours before the departure time. Although some tour agencies ask their clients to pay an extra suppliment for tour insurance in case you miss your cruise, with Ramses Tours, if for any reason related to us you missed the cruise, we get to be fully responsible making sure you catch your cruise in the next destination including (accomodating you in a 5 stars hotel , paying for your flight to the next port for the cruise with the transfer included) without paying any extra!

Will it be a private tours or are you going to put us with other people? or,
Normally bookings are done on private basis, which means when you make booking, we assume that it is private tour and both vehicle and guide will be provided only to your family/ group, will NOT put you with other fellow passengers. On the other hand, if passengers INDICATE that they wish to join with other fellow passengers in order to reduce the cost, we will work it out if there is another family/group who wish to join with others.

What makes Ramses Tours different than other Competitors?
We simply care about our clients, we like to belive that they are our friends and it is our responsiblity to make sure that they enjoy every single second in our beautiful country. Our professional guides are carefully selected, drivers always following the rules, behaving in a polite way and always making sure that the clients are happy. With our emergency lines, we are always present to any urgent reservation or modification. Moreover, we are the only company that not only doesnot require down payment, but you also get to pay in the end of the tour after you finish the tour.

How do we make a booking ?
You simply need to browse through our tours and if you like any of them, you click on “Book Now” and send us more information, ask any question you may have. Then one of our tour operators will be following up with you. In the end, he will send you the final confirmation with all details. If you are looking for something or some tour that you didnot find in our tours, feel free to descripe what you wish to our tour operator. We do make customized tours upon request.

What is your children policy?
Infant (0-2 years old) are 100% for free Children (3 years – 11.99 years) pay 50% of adult fare. Children over 12 years old are treated as adults. but if they are holding any international student ID, they are subject to 10% discount of adult fare.

What is your group policy?
There are always attractive offers for groups. Groups over 11 persons receive 1 free. Over 21 persons, receive 22 for free.
Also there are other complimentary tours, gifts, etc.

Do you require a deposit ?
You DO NOT require deposit to book your tour with Ramses Tours! Just book your tour and once you receive the final confirmation, everything is confirmed!

How do we recognize our guide ?
When your cruise is docked in Alexandria Port and you get out of the cruise, You will find our guide waiting for you infront of the gate. He/She will be holding the sign of your name / or the group name.Finally, you will go to the vehicle and start your tour:)

How safe are your vans / vehicles? Would they break down?
We always use modern Air conditioned vans/vehicles. Yet, a flat tyre or an engine breaking down is something unpredictable ofcourse. Therefore Ramses Tours assign extra spare vehicles to escort the occupied ones throughout the whole way. So, if for any reason, a van broke down, within 10minutes maximum a spare one will arrive and the clients continue the journey/tour.

Vans do not have built in toilets, how will we manage through the long drive to Cairo ?
That is true Vans/small vehicles do not have built in toilets, so when you are on the way driving to cairo, which takes around 3 hours, you may require to go to the toilet. You are simply required to inform your guide once you feel that you need to use the toilet. The guide will instruct the driver to stop in the nearest toilet facilities. There are several clean ones through the road to/from Cairo.

Does the tour price includes entrance fees to all sights?
Entrance fees to all mentioned sights in your program is included, so You do not need to worry about that.

Do we need to book optional tours before arrival?
You can either book the optional tours before arrival, or you can book them on the tour day. It doesnot make any difference.

What is the Sound & Light Show?
The legendary Sound and Light shows are playing at world renowned Pyramids of Giza,Latest lighting, laser and projection technologies are utilized to visualize mysteries of the Pharonic civilization. Every year, hundreds of thousands attend these magnificent spectaculars to relive the legend.

What is the Nile dinner cruise?
It is a fabulous way to enjoy a night on the Nile while you are in Cairo. cruise boat for two hours sailing trip on the Nile with belly dancer, folklore show, western music and dinner on a 5 star cruise. All the time, you’ll be delighted with a selection of Egyptian favorites, made with the freshest ingredients, and prepared to make it a memorable dining experience.

What is the Solar boat musum ?
Two rectangular boat pits found on the south side of the Great Pyramid were discovered in 1954, covered by huge limestone slabs, containing the dismantled remains of two Royal Boats.It is thought that these boats transported Khufu’s body to his pyramid, since it was common practice to bury all items connected with the Royal Funeral, close to the final resting-place of the king

What is the Pharaonic Village ?
Take a step back in time; about three thousand years back, to be exact. Just a few miles from the center of Cairo is a time machine waiting to take you on a fantastic journey to the days of the Pharaohs, a time brought to life by an incredible group of actors and actresses, faithful and exact reproductions of buildings, clothing, and lifestyles

What about meals? we may need to have something special due to allergy , is that possible? we fear food poisoning!!
If you are allergic to something, please notify us as early as possible in order to make sure that you avoid that.
In all resturants that you will be taken to with Ramses Tours, we make sure they are 5 stars resturants that are up to European & American Standards. As for sickness, the only health hazard that you’re likely to come across is an upset stomach. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that you only drink bottled water, avoid ice and ice-cream and anything that may have been washed in tap water(salad). All fruit should be peeled before consumption. Milk is unpasteurised and should be boiled. Precautions should also be taken against prickly heat and sunstroke.


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