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Ayman Saied

I was promised, by Ahmed for H. George, the “tour of my lifetime” and you sure did
deliver it! This tour was ABOVE and beyond anything I could imaginie.

First, our guide, Mr. Ayman Kalifa, was just superb! His knowledge of your history,
landmarks and culture was beautifully explained.

There was just enough information to explain fully, yet not too much that bored or went
above our heads. We understood everything we saw and enjoyed every detail. He listened to
us and followed our requests in the intense heat, so that we were not dragged beyond what
we physically could manage. We saw every important sight we planned for and the long trip
went quickly and smoothly because our guide kept us so interested all the way.

He saw my interest in photography and made many stops for me to take picures, He even
took some of my husband and me, so that we would have them to treasure also when we got
home. He was just wonderful! I had a million questions about your culture and he answered
all of them and made me very comfortable. I was nervous about the camel ride and he took
terrific care of me. It will stand out as a highlight of my world travels.I learned so
much and I cannot wait to come again.He is very intelligent, friendly, knowledgeable and
has a wonderful manner!

Second, our driver, Mr. Mohammed Bkhit, was very skilled in his job. I had heard about
Cairo traffic and driving, but I guess you have to experience it to really understand it.
It is so very different from driving in the United States! He was just amazing!

When we left the van at the ship, we very clearly asked to do a check inside to make
sure that we had all of our things before leaving…but…I left my camera bag on the
floor of the back seat. Inside was my new prescription sunglasses, camera battery and
memory card! The car left and we went onboard our ship, went up to our room and changed
into shorts. Only then did I realize that I did not have my camera bag. I called Mr.
Kalifa and he said that the driver would return to the ship. The officers on the ship
told me that I should not be too excited- that he might not actually return it— but Mr.
Bkhit brought that bag right back to me! He deserves a commendation for that! He is a
rightous man and will be forever grateful for his kind act!

Insha Allah we will return to your beautiful land, and we will only use your company to
guide us!

Asaiamu Alaikum,
Iris Weissman


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