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Women Travelling alone

Ramses Tours provide alot of arrangments for single
travelling women who fear being harassed , or wish
to be fully protected. We can also provide female guides
for any woman that doesnot wish to be with male guides

All visitors to Egypt, whether they are female or male,
receive a great deal of attention from the Egyptians.
Sometimes this attention is unwanted , most of the
time it is good-humored but attention rape and assault
are virtually non-existent

Most travelers feel safer in Cairo than they do in their
own cities. This is no different for single, female travelers.
For the most part, EGYPT is safe to travel also for single
females or girlfriends traveling without male companions.

A lot of unpleasant scenarios can be avoided if the female
traveler has the right attitude. Not just in her clothing, which
should be sensible and modest.

Both men and women will be asked about their marital status,
name, whether they have kids or not, their age and so on. That
is private business and not something travelers are obliged to
tell any staff, local guides or people on the street.

This is one of the common programs in Egypt. Kindly note that

other programs can also be rearranged to fit with your requirments
and women travelling.


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